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Tin Men United Tin Can Manufactory Co.,Ltd specializes in tin box including tool development, tinplate printing, tin box manufacturing and market promotion. We have wide ranges of products for food packaging, cosmetics packaging, media packaging,confectionary packaging, medicine, gift, seasonal promotion etc. We have 6 lines now and the number will be increased by years. The 400 well trained employees gives us a stong productivity of 100,000pcs tin box per day. The fast corrensponding is best reflection of our sevice. 2 working hours for all enquiries, 10 days for samples, 30 days for production.

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Tin Men United – Your Quality Partner Our expertise is specialised in producing various tin cans, for food packaging purpose, such as chocolate tins, coffee tins, biscuit and cookie tins, candy tins, tea tins, tea cans, for promotional purpose, such as lunch tins, handle tins, tin sign, tin tray, tin coin bank for other packaging purpose, such as CD case, DVD case, pencil case, watch case etc.


Aluminum foil paper, some people in Hong Kong also known as tin foil, is made of aluminum foil mill with a thickness of 0. A thin sheet below 2mm, mainly used for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other chemicals.Oval Tin Boxes
Tin is the human body essential trace elements, the human body needs to consume a very small amount of tin, but these traces of tin can give the human body a huge role. Because tin in the human thymus can produce antitumor tin compounds, inhibit the formation of cancer cells.
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